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Reflections on politics & ecology by the editor of MODERN TIMES REVIEW (documentaries & books, and the Norwegian quarterly book magazine, NY TID (English at )
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Here you see the extreme inhuman violence of #Israeli soldiers now.
Again, showing the totalitarian politics of #Russia, when seizing property of dissidents, is the new law suggested. Well, #Ucraine doesn’t practise democratic rights either: «RT may 22: "Zelensky has signed a law, yesterday, allowing the confiscation of assets from citizens accused of supporting Russia in the ongoing conflict."»
The western leaders are loosing their legitimicy, by this politics of power and interests.
Chris #Hedges on what the International Criminal Court judged:

«U.S. has sent 230 cargo planes and 20 ships filled with artillery shells, armored vehicles and combat equipment to Israel since the attacks of Oct. 7. …Germany reportedly plans to provide 10,000 rounds of 120mm precision ammunition to Israel.»
«… these countries will be recognized by the world’s most important international court as accomplices to genocide.»

#ICJ «made the word genocide, when applied to Israel, credible.»
When will the US government listen to the people who chose them? Time to go, old warmongerer #Biden?
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Norway is taking the world down a slippery slope, opening up an area the size of Italy for deep-sea mining. This is the colonisation of the new frontier. Most species there are unknown to mankind. Mining there may have dire impacts on our planetary systems. We need a moratorium.
US is behind 64 shifts of regimes, in the cold war period. Obama also gave CIA order to topple Assad in Syria. Suprised, anyone?
Just listen to Waters speaking against the guys stealing the world..
The guy many of us has been following from #Gaza.