Under the Lime Trees

People around the world don't like complicated situations, especially if they make it difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies.

Kommentator i Ny Tid. Avnery er tidligere medlem av Knesset i Israel. Israelsk journalist og fredsaktivist (født 1923).
Email: avnery@actcom.co.il
Publisert: 3. april 2016

ONE OF the most famous lines in German poetry is «Don’t greet me under the lime trees.»
The Jewish-German poet Heinrich Heine asks his sweetheart not to embarass him in public by greeting him in the main street of Berlin, which is called «Unter den Linden» («Under the Lime Trees»).
Israel is in the position of this illicit sweetheart. Arab countries are having an affair with her, but don’t want to be seen with her in public.
Too embarrassing.

THE MAIN Arab country in question is Saudi Arabia. For some time now, the oil kingdom has been a secret ally of Israel, and vice versa.
In politics, national interests often trump ideological differences. This is so in this case.
The area …

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