Øystein Windstad’s wife supports him

In this video, we are talking to the wife of the attacked journalist, Øystein Windstad, before he came home –  hear Wojoud Mejalli.
Truls Lie
Ansvarlig redaktør i Ny Tid.
Email: truls@nytid.no
Publisert: 10.03.2016

We are talking to the wife of Øystein Windstad, Wojoud Mejalli, about the commitment of an investigative reporter, and her reaction when heard that her husband was sticked three places at his body, lost teeth, and was hurt all over his body after 20 men attacked the mini-van he and other human rights defenders, like Commitee Against Torture and others, also Swedish and Russian journalists. They were traveling, followed by a car for the whole day, and then 200 meters inside Ingushetia, were attacked. He was 5 seconds from being killed in the exploding bus.