Hissène Habré – Prosecuting an Embarrassing Ally. Regi: Magali Serre

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«Jeg har aldri følt behovet for å skrike til noen»

Har Nrks Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen virkelig kunnet kjenne de utsattes frykt eller krigens vold? I anledning boken hans, snakker vi med ham om Midtøstens røffe virkelighet, journalistikkens betydning, og hva slike reiser gjør med et menneske. 

The way forward

This is how I and thousands have lived and fought against the tyrannic regime the latest day. World exclusive text in Arabic from the author and doctor Nawal El Saadawi (79), Cairo, Egypt: الثورة المصرية تضع قيما وعقدا اجتماعيا جديدا

The lies of Mubarak’s regime!

The Mubarak media propagate lies to hide their crimes: Over 400 young Egyptians killed the last days. We need the world media to tell the truth about the regime now!

Burma: The film which scares the regime

This weekend, Burma VJ might win an Oscar. But don't tell the regime in Rangoon. They rather give the audience TV soaps, which are making the Burmese fans of anything from South Korea.

Azerbaijan: We are oil hostages

In Azerbaijan a corrupt regime is thriving. Western countries could have been a driving force for democracy in the region. Instead, they focus on their own oil interests.

Cuba: How Castro fooled us

Read the column in Spanish below: "Capitalismo a medias. La sociedad cubana vive sustentada en la explotación del hombre por el Estado."

Tibet: Obama’s lacking struggle

Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama didn´t pronounce the word «human rights» correctly in Beijing. But I´m not disappointed. That´s exactly what I expected.

USA: What Fort Hood Taught Me

The Fort Hood-shooting in Texas made me re-think the usual conventions. Namely: A Norwegian social scientist understands me far more than the Muslim guys whom the government officials usually meet.

Russia: The killings continue

Another human rights activist and friend of my own newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, has been killed in Russia. It's worse than during the Soviet era. Read the column in Russian: России были убиты шесть журналистов, праозащитников и оппозиционных политиков. К сожалению, это не только жуткая статистика.

Egypt: Our veiled debate

It′s better to cover men′s eyes than women′s bodies. Today′s conception of honour is based on a lie. Read the column in Arabic below: عنى الشرف هذه الأيام يتحول الى معتقدات خاطئة
لماذا لا تغطى اعين الرجال بدلا من تغطية جسم النساء

Afghanistan: From bad to worse

We who voted in the Afghan elections, have been betrayed. It´s time for a new strategy: To isolate Taliban from the politics.

Iran: Women fight for equality

Iranian women were not only the first victims of the Islamic revolution, they were also the first ones to take up the fight.

Zimbabwe: The Father of Re-invention

The political and economical crisis has turned Zimbabwe into a nation of innovators.

Homosexuality and the Yogi

Homosexuality can be treated by yoga and meditation techniques, Indian guru claims. Religious leaders put the brakes on new legislation that suggests gay sex should be legal.

Egypt: Nakedness of Women

There is a striking similarity between the hijab and make up.

Tibet: Needs the World’s Support

While the attention of the international community is drawn to the uprising in the Xinjiang region, the oppression in Tibet continues. The political pressure on the Chinese government must be upheld.

Habitantes en Cuba

Durante la década de los años 60, en el siglo pasado, se produjo un boom de nacimientos en Cuba, fue el momento pico de confianza en la recién nacida Revolución.

Hungary forges closer energy ties with Russia

BERLIN -- Hungary, already considered one of Russia's closest allies in Central Europe, has signed two major energy deals that will make it even more dependent on Moscow for its natural gas, analysts said Tuesday.

Amid crisis, E.U. leaders feud over small change

BRUSSELS -- If European officials were accused of lacking ambition last November, when they first suggested spending €5 billion to kick start the economy of the world's largest trading bloc, their impasse four months later over the plan has become a symbol of a weak and divided response to the global financial crisis.

The Daily Killing

On 19 January 2009 lawyer Stansilav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova were murdered in Moscow city center. In the Russian media this incident received little attention.

Choosing freedom or having the freedom to choose

Do we live in a free and democratic society?

Muslims seek to build future in Italy

MILAN -- On one side of a drab street in working-class Milan, a squat structure houses a conservative mosque linked in the past to suspected Islamic terrorists.

With budget at stake, Obama ready to fight

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration began a vigorous new offensive this weekend to sell its economic program, countering the Republicans who call the new budget plan "mind-boggling" in its numbers and ambition.

EU considers possibility of a small-country bailout

BRUSSELS -- Could Europe's biggest economies be called upon to bail out the smaller, weaker ones?